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Depixus® is operating in one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of bioscience today. We are seeking highly talented individuals to join our teams based in both Paris, France and Cambridge, UK.

Technical excellence is very important but you will also need to be innovative, enterprising, and enjoy working within a close-knit team. The development of our technology requires scientists and engineers from a wide range of disciplines.

We accept resumes at all times; if you think you could help us then we would love to hear from you! For more information please contact: Positions that are currently open are listed below.

Current Vacancies

Depixus (formerly PicoSeq) is a young and dynamic biotechnology company based in Paris. Our goal is to commercialize a highly innovative technology platform for the fast, accurate, and inexpensive extraction of genetic and epigenetic information from single molecules of DNA and RNA. Originally developed in the Physics Department of École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, the potential of this exciting technology has been recognized through the award of numerous grants and prizes for innovation at both national and international levels. You can read more about Depixus on our website (

Depixus currently has an open position for a full-time data scientist to work on various projects related to the development of our technology platform. This is rare opportunity to play an important role in the development of a cutting-edge technology, and as part of a dynamic early-stage company.


Job Description

We are seeking an exceptional individual who enjoys working in a highly collaborative and fast paced R&D environment to join our multidisciplinary team. The successful candidate will work with biologists, engineers, physicists and software engineers, both within Depixus and as part of collaborations with academic and OEM partners. He/she will play an important role in the commercialization of our innovative new technology platform for fingerprinting, sequencing, and epigenetic analysis of DNA and RNA.

The successful candidate will be part of the data science team. He/she will analyze the data generated on our instrument systems and create data and signal analysis processes to extract genetic and epigenetic information. He or she will also be working closely with the biology team to develop down-stream data mining and modelling algorithms for analysis of RNA and DNA maps, sequences, and epigenetic fingerprints. He/she should have demonstrated competence working both individually and in project teams.

This role would suit candidates who have strong skills in statistics, data analysis and programming and are willing to learn about the physics and the biology we use at Depixus.


Minimum Qualifications & Experience

  • Graduate-level degree in the field of data analysis or related fields:
    • Ideally at masters’ level or above
  • Good knowledge of statistics
    • Ideally with previous experience of statistical treatment of biological datasets
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and signal analysis methods
    • Ideally with previous experience of working with large genetics datasets
  • Good knowledge of programming (Python, C++, Julia…)
  • Good communication skills in oral English. In particular candidates should be capable of presenting technical information and data to non-experts in a clear and concise manner


Desirable Qualifications & Experience

  • Good experience with MATLAB, SciPy, R, SciLab or equivalent
  • Good working knowledge in genomics and practical experience of using bioinformatic applications (such as aligners, genome assemblers, visualization tools, and variant callers) for analysis of data from 2nd or 3rd generation sequencing technologies.



  • Support of data analytics and bioinformatics pipeline development for Depixus’ innovative technology platform including:
    • Development and implementation of signal analysis tools for initial treatment of raw data generated on our instrument systems
    • Development of down-stream data mining and modelling algorithms for analysis of RNA and DNA maps, sequences, and epigenetic fingerprints
    • Development and testing of automated and manual tests to ensure the quality of data processing and bioinformatic algorithms developed
  • Participation in formal and informal design and code reviews
  • Participation in group meetings, presentation of work to group members



  • The job will be based in the Paris, France


Application procedure

Please send a current C.V. and cover letter via email to Depixus’s Chief Technology Officer, Chas Andre, at: