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Introducing MAGNA™

MAGNA™ combines multimodal analytical capability with low sample input requirements to detect minute signals associated with native molecules of DNA and RNA.

It will enable life scientists to dive deeper into biology, delivering new insights into health and disease, whilst advancing the development of a new generation of diagnostics and therapeutics.

MAGNA™ is a powerful tool designed specifically to unlock the hidden layers of information in the dynamic genome.

The technology can be used to study large numbers of individual molecules of DNA, RNA, or protein coming directly from their samples of origin…

Base sequence

With MAGNA™, molecules can be rapidly identified using just a small number of molecular probes. Sequence variability can also be analysed via the same approach.

Epigenetic sequence

Base modification detection with MAGNA™ doesn’t require conversion chemistries. A wide range of modifications can be detected and located in a single run with unparalleled levels of precision.

Molecular interactions

MAGNA™ can also analyse how biomolecules interact with each other. The kinetics of attachment or detachment (Kon, Koff, and Kd) can be measured, providing a powerful new dimension with which to study the genetic world.

depixus kit

Analysis is performed using a dedicated cartridge and flow cell.

We’re developing kits for rapid preparation of samples for analysis.

Data is generated in real-time from a small bench-top instrument.