Depixus Webinars 2023

WEBINAR: Transforming RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery With MAGNA™

Wednesday, 11 October at 4:30 p.m. CEST/10:30 a.m. EDT

Targeting RNA offers an opportunity to explore a new universe of therapeutics, but many small molecule drug candidates suffer from poor target selection and non-specific binding. MAGNA™ provides powerful insights to support target validation, hit-to-lead selection and lead optimization, accelerating RNA-targeted drug discovery.

In this webinar, Gordon Hamilton, President & CEO, will talk about how MAGNA™, an exciting new technology from Depixus based on magnetic force spectroscopy, can be used to:

  • Measure the dynamics of drug binding to RNA structures
  • Enable improved hit-to-lead selection through scalable, real time analysis
  • Study different small molecule-RNA target interactions, using recent data

You can view the recording of this webinar here.