Delivering the
power of real time
single molecule analysis
– at scale

Delivering the power of real time single molecule analysis – at scale

The study of biomolecular interactions, or interactomics, is a rapidly growing field of fundamental and translational research, in academia as well as the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

With its MAGNA™ technology, Depixus® has demonstrated direct, dynamic, single molecule analysis of most types of biologically relevant molecules, including: DNA; RNA; proteins; peptides and small, drug-like molecules.

We are initially focusing on two high-growth applications: RNA-targeted therapeutics and protein-protein interactions.

RNA-targeted Drug Discovery

Targeting RNA offers an opportunity to explore a new universe of therapeutics, but many small molecule lead candidates suffer from poor target selection and non-specific binding. MAGNA™ can be used to study the interactions of small molecule therapeutics with RNA targets in real time at the single molecule level, revealing the dynamics of binding events and the impact on three-dimensional RNA structures. MAGNA™ analysis can provide powerful insights to support target validation, hit-to-lead selection and lead optimization, accelerating RNA-targeted drug discovery.

PPI-targeted Drug Discovery

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are a rapidly emerging class of drug targets in many diseases, yet they are difficult to analyze in detail or at scale using current tools. MAGNA™ is the first technology capable of analyzing individual PPIs and drug interactions at scale to explore mechanisms and binding kinetics, and can measure the low-force interactions that are typical of most PPIs.