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Introducing MAGNA™

MAGNA™ is a revolutionary single molecular analysis platform that offers a powerful new way to prove complex biomolecular interactions, unlocking critical and unique structural insights.

MAGNA™ is a revolutionary single molecule analysis platform that offers a powerful new way to probe complex biomolecular interactions. Based on established magnetic tweezer technology, MAGNA™ precisely measures changes in the biophysical properties of individual three-dimensional molecular structures, in real time, capturing vital information about binding events and their impact on structural dynamics, binding kinetics and mechanism of action.

Single base precision

With MAGNA™, molecules can be rapidly identified using just a small number of molecular probes. Sequence variability can also be analysed via the same approach.

Epigenetic sequence

Base modification detection with MAGNA™ doesn’t require conversion chemistries. A wide range of modifications can be detected and located in a single run with unparalleled levels of precision.

Molecular interactions

MAGNA™ can also analyse how biomolecules interact with each other. The kinetics of attachment or detachment (Kon, Koff, and Kd) can be measured, providing a powerful new dimension with which to study complex biological process at the molecular level.

depixus kit

We’re developing kits for rapid preparation of samples for analysis.

Analysis is performed using a dedicated cartridge and flow cell.

Data is generated in real-time from a small bench-top instrument.