TechnologyIntroducing MAGNA

Complete Nucleic Acid Analysis with MAGNA

MAGNA™ allows for a full genome or genomic region to be analysed quickly and easily on a single integrated platform, with the investigator able to specify the level of sequence and epigenetic detail required.

MAGNA™ will offer its users an unparalleled mix of capabilities: simple sample-preparation, sequential DNA fingerprinting, full-sequencing, and epityping, together with a fast time-to-result, and low operating costs.

Unlocking new layers of information

Technology Highlights

Unlocks new information

MAGNA is being developed, not only for standard DNA sequencing, but also to reveal previously undecipherable layers of epigenetic information contained in DNA and RNA


MAGNA is a highly scalable technology. Future generations of the technology are under development to enable analysis at ultra-high throughput


MAGNA is a novel and innovative technology, protected by a variety of patents and extensive proprietary know-how


High precision genetic and epigenetic data can be generated from single-molecules of DNA or RNA, without need for sample amplification


Fundamental Research

Pushing forward the frontiers of genetic & epigenetic research.

Applied Research

Enhancing research from AgTech to biomarker development.


Ideal for a wide range of genetic & epigenetic diagnostics.

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