Effective immediately, Chas André, Ph.D. has joined the PicoSeq leadership team as Chief Technology Officer. Dr. André comes from Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he was R&D Group Manager in Molecular Clinical Diagnostics in Helsinki, Finland. Previously, he has worked for a diverse range of molecular tools companies in Europe and the U.S. He has degrees in Biology and genetics from The University of Chicago and Stanford University. “I am very pleased to be joining the PicoSeq team” reports Dr. André. “The innovative SIMDEQ™ (ed : now MAGNA™) technology allows the mapping, sequencing and biochemical characterization of single DNA molecules to be performed in a completely new way. I believe that the combination of simple instrumentation and broad compatibility with existing upstream and downstream NGS protocols and processes will allow SIMDEQ™ (ed : now MAGNA™) easy entrance into the competitive sequencing market. In addition, some of SIMDEQ™’s (ed : now MAGNA™) unique capabilities will open new avenues of research and diagnostics in important fields such as oncology and microbiology”