Introducing the MAGNA™ technology

Decoding dynamic genomics

Biology is driven by much more than a static genome. The four-base code of DNA cannot explain the richness of life. Multiple layers of dynamic genomic information are required to bring biology to life. Today there are no robust tools to decode the dynamic genome. New tools are required to advance this crucial field of biomedical science.

The MAGNA™ technology is being developed to overcome the shortfalls of current tools.

Animation by Richard Freudenfeld of Freudenfeld Design Ltd, UK

MAGNA™ Highlights

Unlocks new information

Access to key areas of biology that other technologies cannot reach


Scaling MAGNA™ to high throughput will enable assays to be performed at genome-scale


MAGNA™ is a novel and innovative technology, protected by a variety of patents and extensive proprietary know-how


MAGNA™ is setting out to become the most accurate single-molecule genomics platform, supporting a wide diversity of genomic assays

Our future customers

Fundamental research labs

Pushing forward the frontiers of genetic research.

Translational & analytical labs

Enhancing translational research, ranging from agricultural science to biomarker development.

Clinical labs

Diagnostic, prognostic, and drug-response testing.

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